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"I used to suffer from back pain and I thought that was normal. After my first class I already felt great relief"


"Very professional guidance from skilled teachers"

"It really changed me... I am way better at handling difficult situations" Wendy van Dijk

"After class everything becomes so clear that you can easily make good decisions."

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  • Monday December 23rd at 6pm there is a silent class with candle light. Not to be missed, the experience is beautiful! Reserve your spot...

  • Class times during holiday season: check here...

  • Join the 30 day challenge! More info...

  • Sunday January 12th 11am: New year class  on music. Win 1 year free yoga. Snack afterwards. Reserve now...

  • Special extra class: Saturday January 25th Ghosh Yoga, by the owners of Bikram Yoga Arnhem. Reserve now...

  • Has it been more than 1,5 years since your last visit? Sign up for the Intro Second Chance and try us out again for 10 days.




For only € 16 you can try out our yoga for 10 days: bikram, vinyasa and tapasya. Get access to all classes on the schedule (when enough spots left).

Reserve right away for your first class and let the big changes in body and mind begin!

Easily purchase your trial here. The 10 day trial will only start on the day you take your first class!

What is

bikram yoga?

​ Bikram yoga is a 90 minute long yoga class with a fixed series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises performed in a heated room of 38°C.

Every beginner can participate!

Bikram yoga has a regenerative effect on both the body and the mind. It heals, makes strong, flexible and fit.

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Anyone can participate!
Young or old, stiff or limber

Your first class

Experience firsthand the good our lessons bring you by joining a trial lesson.

Be on time for the first time, so that we can register you. You will be provided with a mat and a large towel for your first lesson.

What is most important about the first lesson? To come back for your second lesson soon after. You will only really start to notice the impact after having taken multiple classes

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Bikram Yoga Den Bosch

Vughterstraat 234

5211 GP 's-Hertogenbosch


Tel: 073 - 690 89 19

E-mail: info@bikramyogadenbosch.nl

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KvK: 66 27 91 94

BTW-nummer: NL15 05 87 375 B01

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Here you will find a list with all our fellow schools.

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